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Great gift for my son

Great helmet and great design this helmet truly glows as much as the pictures do and more. We all have Icon helmets in our family and enjoy the product line.

Great helmet

Helmet fits a little tight at first, it irritates my ears taking the helmet on and off. Hopefully breaks in and won’t be a problem. Looks kick butt, wicked comfortable, easy cleaning, vents work awesome, and the tinted drop down visor is very nice!

Icon Airform Battlescar Jacket - Green
Cesar Augusto Bustamante
Icon airform jacket

All season jacket w/ good protection, fast shipping and excellent customer service. Good combo.

Icon D30 Motorcycle Vest
Tim Fitzpatrick

Very comfortable and sharp looking!

Very nice Helmet (great price)

Helmet is quite and a good fit. Little snug on the cheeks but feels secure and safe. Also, I great head turner and conversation piece.


Got one for the wife and myself. Both of us can fit in small & medium sized helmets, just depends on the brand. If you are not sure which size to go with, I recommend choosing the bigger of the 2 sizes you are debating on, cuz this helmet is small for it's size. So I'm glad I got both of us mediums cuz a small wouldn't have fit either of us. Having said that, my wife loves hers, she says it's comfortable, she can see good, it looks awesome, all good things. I really like mine as well....I just need the cheek padding to break in some more and then I'll be set. The hardest part is getting the helmet on & off, but once it's on it's good. Since the helmet is built narrow instead of round it is harder to get on, but once it's on it feels like a normal round helmet (so it's just the initial opening that is tight). It is decently air tight, but you still get some air in your eyes even with the vents closed. But you can go 100+mph still without feeling like there is too much air making it's way in. I will say that this helmet, due to it's shape I'm sure, cuts through the wind better than any helmet I've worn before. My bike doesn't have a windshield and I don't have a problem with a lot of wind resistance in my face with this helmet like I do with my other helmets, so it is definitely more comfortable/stable at higher speeds, which is awesome. Shout out to Jim@MotorsportFreaks for helping me with my order. He was great to work with and allowed me to customize some stuff that other stores may not have been so willing to do.

Icon Helmet Shield Pivot Kits
Perfect fit!

These were the exact fit and brand for my Icon air form MANIK’R helmet! They came in super quick. Thanks MtrSpFrks👌

Icon helmet.

Definitely a good looking helmet and in person looks a lot better than the pictures.


Worked great matched up perfect thx guys you rock

Nice Helmet

Reallt comfortable helmet not too much wind noise and the color scheme is epic

Icon Upstate Riding Shirt - Olive
Fernando Ruiz
Great riding shirt

Fits like a shirt.
When it's a little cooler in the evenings, I wear a windbreaker over it.

But in the hot days under the sun, this shirt shines!! Keeps me cool while riding, and doesn't cook you while you're at a stop light. Armor is in the right spots and stays there.

Love this shirt! So far it's been great in 90* weather!

Icon airflite peacekeeper

At first was a tight fit, but broke in quickly and fits grate now, looks awesome, love the sun drop shelf and gold tint face shield… over all a grate helmet icon did it right with this one !

Best and most comfortable and best looking jacket I own.

By far the most comfortable and best looking jacket I have. Its excellent in every way. I would definitely buy it again....

Nice helmet

Great looking helmet. The fit is a little tighter than I’m used to but I think after the break in period it will be ok.


I was expecting a dope helmet and this exceeded my expectations with the inside visor and slides and it's just incredible

Icon Helmet

Very good helmet, not a let of noise or wind, fits my head perfectly


Just introduced to the Icon Airform line and so far I am love it. The fit, as described by Icon and in other reviews is tight. But I've noticed as I wear the helmet it become more comfortable. I kind of like having a lid that I know won't jiggle around at high speed but that is my personal preference. The Chantilly Opal helmet looks great, I opted to get the blue RST shield and may get the purple just for a change up. Speaking of change up, it's crazy easy and fast. No trying to line up the tab with the cut out and hoping the shield will pop in place. The graphics have a subtle color change in light, which is cool. The helmet is like a piece of art and I am already looking to get another in this line.

Awesome helmet !!!!!!

Look amazing!!!!

Icon Airform

Fits well and looks good,fast shipping

Icon 1000 Brigand Motorcycle Boots - Brown
Jaime Horta

so far so good!!! Been using on my Harley for city commute to work. These boots are comfortable and super lightweight. I was using steel toe heavy boots before; these are WAY LIGHTER. I have actually been wearing them all day, where I use to put on different shoes at work. I'm only 2 weeks in so far.

Cons: wish the souls were a bit thicker in the front near the toes & light color scuffs easily

A Good Look

This helmet is a good look, all day show stopper.
Helmet has a tighter fit to American market, so go one size up as everyone is suggesting.

Love it

A little snug at first. But, overall it’s an awesome helmet.

First impressions

It fits true to size and looks cool as hell. My only gripe is that the chin curtain falls off with the slightest force. It also has MIPS technology which is a huge plus.

Great techs and producta

Always treated fair. Very knowledgeable staff and good inventory.
Highly recommend!!!

Icon 1000 Brigand Motorcycle Boots - Brown
Roger S.
Icon 1000 Brigand boots

Excellent quality leather boots, good fit, easy to lace up and they feel good to wear all day.