SENA 10S Communication System Bluetooth Headset & Intercom

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SENA 10S Communication System Bluetooth Headset & Intercom

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Product Description

  • Features

    • Upgraded system of the original SMH10 system
    • Bluetooth® specification v4.1
    • Bluetooth Intercom up to 1,6 km (1 mile) in open terrain
    • Ultra slim and light for sportbike helmets
    • Four-way conference intercom through One Touch Group Intercom™
    • Also uses the Universal Intercom™ to communicate with all Sena and non-Sena Bluetooth® headsets on the market
    • Simplifies connections for earbuds and microphone (wired or boom-type) by condensing them down to a single clamp connector, minimizing the number of wires and enhancing reliability
    • Easy operation by versatile Jog Dial makes it effortless to operate
    • Micro USB port for battery charging and future software updates
    • Bluetooth® music playback control: play, pause, track forward and track back
    • Remarkable battery life: talk time up to 12 hours; standby time up to 10 days; can be fully charged in as little as 3 hours
    • Advanced noise control for less road noise and clearer communication
    • Built-in FM radio tuner with a station scan and save function
    • Water-resistant for use in inclement weather
    • 10S Smartphone app makes configuration a snap – change settings, set groups of intercom friends and access a Quick Guide; pair up to two mobile phones for convenient hands-free calling
    • 10S Single Unit Kit includes the list shown; 10S Dual-Pack Kit includes two complete sets of the 10S Single Unit Kit in one box
    • 1- Bluetooth® main module
    • 1- Clamp unit
    • 1- Microphone cap
    • 2- Speakers
    • 1- Wired boom microphone
    • 1- Boom microphone holder
    • 2- Microphone sponges
    • 1- Wire microphone
    • 1- USB power/data cable (micro USB type)
    • 1- Stereo audio cable, 2,5 mm to 3,5 mm with straight type
    • 1- 10S cigarette charger
    • 1- Glued surface mounting adapter
    • 2- Foam speaker covers
    • 4- Speaker pads
    • 4- Hook-and-loop fasteners for speakers
    • 1- Hook-and-loop fastener for boom microphone
    • 1- Hook-and-loop fastener for holder
    • 1- Hook-and-loop fastener for wired microphone
    • 1- Allen wrench
    • 1- Owner's manual
    • NOTE: Do not apply any other Sena cigarette charger to the 10S main module.
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